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Still at Sea 3

Happy Birthday Millie

Happy Birthday to you,
Happy Birthday to you,
Happy Birthday dear Millie,
Happy Birthday to you.

Love and kisses from Nana and Pop.

We're still at sea, still eating too much and still thousands of miles from any where! However we are finding interesting things to do.
Last ight we saw the resident show troupe perform an ABBA tribute, which was great. The compare came on afterwards and announced that one of the dancers is going to have a baby - he hasn't decided which one yet!! I didn't offer to help him out or I'd still be swimming by now!
After that we saw a secons show which was a guy who played a variety of instrumnets. He was interspersing his playing talents with comedy - trouble was he was a better musician than comedian I thought. He was brilliant on the instuments (flute/mandolin/guitar/sax/ocarina and penny whistle) but he wasted too much time telling daft stories and jokes.
Today we went to Tango lesson and we decided that we would ask for help if we needed it, rather than fall out like we did the other day! It worked - peace is restored. I like the dance instructor - according to him, the men are always right, which seems fair enough.
Believe it or not, after spending ages looking for cheap yellow crocs in the UK, I bought a pair on board today!! I also got green ones for Keith (I know Danielle will be really pleased!).
Today we attended a talk on Captain James Cook RN - remarkable bloke and then we had a second presentation by Tracy Edwards, also very good. It's out first informal dress evening tomight, so with a bit of luck I wont be so hot during the evening. Despite getting nearer to the Caribbean, the weather is still pretty changeable - they slid the roof off the pool area earlier and suddenly the heavens opened all all the sunbathers got wet - HA HA!!
Every time we have a ballroom lesson, the sea gets choppy and so we wobble about all over the place, we'll never cope on dry land!!
Well, that's it for today - we are going to go and eat (again!) now.
'Til tomorrow then..................

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Still at sea (2)

getting closer to the caribbean...........

Loraine and I skipped the caberet last night as it was very crowded and we were both very hot, so we sat out on deck for the duration and chatted to the dance instructors for some of the time - they're both Aussies but live in Croydon (why would you!?). We danced for a while later and practised the foxtrot. Mum danced with us last night and she is improving in every respect (except she couldn't dance for laughing most of the time!).
Mandy and I have a little competion running about who can get most chocolates off the waiter to go with the coffee at dinner time. I seem to be winning, but last night I ended up with 4, which is about 3 more than I needed! We may have to announce a truce or we'll both end up looking like michelin men!
Loraine gets peas with every meal now - the waiters are excellent and have got the hang of her dietary requirements now. We help Len with the menu most nights and I'm sure he hasn't got a clue what he's eating half the time. We're going to eat lunch in 'Cafe Bordeaux' today, which is a Marco Pierre White eatery - I'll report back tomorrow. We went to a lecture this morning on 'Launching Ships' by a very eminent Naval Architect who has obviously led (and is still leading) a very interesting life. We also partook in the 'battle of the sexes' quiz today which was great fun - the women won today, but it's close overall. We enjoyed that, so we'll probably take part in it again on the sea days. This afternoon we are going to learn basic Jive in the ballroom class, so that should be interesting too!
The weather is getting warmer now and the pools are busy so we may have to take the plunge today! (Actually I have been in already.)
We'll be back tomorrow with a special message for Millie.

Bye for now,

Mike & Loraine

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Still at sea

Rockin' and Rollin'

The weather was good yesterday but there was a fair swell so we bounced about a bit. It's better today though and the foxtrot lesson we have just finished was not bad at all. It's a good dance also because it's one we have never learned in the past, so all good stuff.
Mum was ill last night and oddly enough, it was probably because she came up here (deck 13 - highest point on the ship) to do the blog whilst the ship was being chucked about. She just got a bit queasy so she and Len missed dinner. I skipped the main menu last night for the first time and had a sirloin steak. Previous night was a mixed grill of rabbit, ostrich and an exotic sausage of some sort. We stayed out later last night dancing and practising all the new footwork from the ballroom lessons.
The sea here is 3500m deep - yesterday was even deeper at 5000m - That's deep!!
This morning after breakfast we played shuffleboard - not very well! Later in the morning we had a guest speaker - Tracy Edwards. She was the skipper (and "creator") of the first all female round the world yacht race crew and you may remember the name of the boat was 'Maiden'. She was a great speaker and we thoroughly enjoyed listening to her life experiences. Played my banjo today for about an hour - it's slowly improving! Tonight is another formal night, so it's the bronze dress for Loraine and the white tux for me.
So that's it for today.


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It's Colby's Birthday!!!!

Happy Birthday Colby

Happy birthday to you,
Happy birthday to you,
happy birthday dear Colby,
Happy birthday to you.

Hope you had a lovely party and enjoyed your day.

Lots of love Nana & Pop (from the middle of the Atlantic Ocean!).

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All at Sea

Mid- Atlantic

We are currently sitting in the PC room at the highest point on the ship and it's rolling like a good'un! No-one's been sick yet, but the ballroom lesson we have just come from was slightly weird - you couldn't stand still, much less dance!!
Loraine and I watched Les Miserables on the telly at 6.30 this morning, then breakfasted. After that we went to a lecture on American Foreign Policy following the forthcoming election - not our usual sort of thing but in fact it was really interesting. We did the art auction as well - they have a couple of Michael Godard's so if they go at a decent price I may get another one to match the Martini picture, then I'll be classed as an art collector! Oh, and I got free champagne for attending, not that that was the attraction - much!
After lunch I played the banjo for a bit and then it was the ballroom dancing and oh dear - we managed to learn (well, re-learn anyway) the Cha Cha Cha, despite the best efforts of whoever's driving the ship to spill us all over the floor.
We're all eating smaller breakfasts and lunches, so that we have room for dinner - only five courses this evening and no banoffee pie as yet, but we live in hope. I have managed to persuade the waiters to give Len and me more chocolates than the others when they serve the coffee.
Mum is sitting beside me as I write this and can see what I write, so I'd better be careful today!

Were off now for a pre-dinner drink (a Gibson in my case) so I really must go - don't want to be late getting to the bar!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
'Till tomorrow then,

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