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Then came the bill...........

We got the invoice for the cruise from P&O the other day, which has depleted our funds just slightly!!!!! But at least something is running to plan!
On the house front we are still in Hastings so far. The expected exchange date came and went and the draft contracts arrived with our solicitor the next day! So we now hope to exchange on 22nd August and move near the end of the month. This at least gives us time to concentrate on the family camp, we we are looking forward to. So I hope the weather cheers up and we can enjoy a few days living in a field, chilling out and picking Banjo.

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Happy Days!!

The cruise can wait - we have to move house first!

Finally got word this evening that our offer on the house in Camber has been accepted and we hope to move in 28 Days. All we have to do now is get the finances sorted, pack and in the meantime hope we don't get gazumped! (Because the house is being sold through a finance co. there is a real possibility that a higher offer could be made and accepted.) So we're keeping everything crossed.
And yes I know this site is supposed to be about the cruise, but hey!

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Early Days

Getting Ready


It's only 8th July so far and the cruise is still a long way off, but we have started shopping for odds and ends already. I have finally found a dual time-zone watch, so I can keep track of the time not only locally, but also at home.
The shops will have only winter clothes by the time we leave, so we are also making sure that any summer clothes we need are sorted out soon.
As I write this, we are waiting to hear if we have got the house in Camber that we have been after for so long. I have everything crossed!!

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