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Wet and cold


Hi All,
we are at home now - wet,cold and windy! But we are safe and secure and no dramas with the journey back.
Last night we had a quiet night with a show and a bit of dancing. Sad farewells all round to our excellent waiters, Sanjib and Jeevan, the wine waitress (all teeth and lipstick) Theresa and our cabin steward, Violeta, along with all our new friends. The last bit was a bit bumpy and we were rocked to bed quite niceley for two nights. Dancing was almost impossible though! Danny and Abbey did a good job teaching us all the dances, but the captain and crew were definitely working against him!
Anyway, we got off the ship this morning and we are now safe and sound in Camber. Thanks for the dinner offer Keith and Danielle, but we wanted to stay in for once. Not sure what the starter and soup courses will be, but the entree is Roast Chicken and the dessert is banoffee trifle, washed down with red wine and whisky later. But first a martini is calling me, so I'm off now.
Many thanks to all of you who put replies on for us - it was great to hear from you. We'll be seeing you all shortly (except Mark, maybe!).
Love Mike and Loraine

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Final days.........

coming back to reality - slowly!

Hi All,
Firtly, Mark............ Yes we did go the Caribbean - the clue is in the red title bar 'Caribbean Adventures'!!! But it's great to hear from you!
Richard - I think I will be working from Hastings for several weeks!
Maggie & Mark, looking forwrd to seeing the flat all sorted out - hope the units arrive eventually! Lorine is so (not) looking forward to returning to work!
Well, we stopped off at Madeira yesterday. Arcadia was in the port and we needed to borrow her berth, so she pulled out into the open sea and anchored so we could borrow the port berth. I assume it's because we needed to refuel and replenish after several days at sea. Also, we only had a half-day visit, so getting people ashore by tender would have taken too long. We did a bit of a bus tour around Madeira and stopped at a winery, which you have to do in Madeira presumably. Thought we were going to get a guided tour and some stuff about how the wine is made etc. but it was basically a free tasting and a shop! Anyway I bought something for the office, so maybe I will pop in to Sevenoaks and accept all the flak from you-know-who!
We had another comedian on last night and he had us all in tears! He was like a clean Billy Connolly - telling funny 'life stories' and observational humour, rather than just gags. Anyone who saw the show will never look at our beloved cruise director again in the same way!! I'll tell you more when I see you.
We had a magician on the other day and he and his partner come to the ballroom lessons with us. She turned up without him yesterday so I had to say it - "what's happened to Daniel - has he disappeared?!" No I know it's not funny - you had to be there!
We learned a few clever moves with the waltz yesterday, so Loraine and I will be able to show off on the dance floor now (if we remember them!). We have a private lesson today (if it doesn't get cancelled again) so we may learn some even cleverererer ones! Our dance instructors will be competing in the world latin dance championships in Austria later this month, so we will look with interest to see how well they do.
Last night the captain and his team played the cruise director and her team at 'give us a clue' (the charades game). We concluded that whilst the captain was pretty good, the two girls from the on bord spa and salon were dumb blondes. But because he's the captain, the scores were "adjusted' (fiddled) so he won.
Oh, and we went up to the bridge the other day too. I bet you didn't know that the crew steer around any rain clouds wherever possible! (We didn't.) We all thought the ship went from A to B in a straight line, but in actual fact it zig zags up to ten miles off course to miss the rain - brilliant!!
The Captains farewell party is tonight, so glad rags on for the last time. Today we have to decide on the pictures we wish to buy (if I can arrange a big enough banK loan!) and I have 300 plus on the camera. I took the camera snorkelling with me in the very clever little plastic bag I bought, so I have some interesting underwater pics among others. I may just let P&O put 'em on a cd for me before we leave.
Anyway, must go now - we have to get coffee before we go dancing, then it'll be lunchtime, maybe a relaxing drink in the bar, then more dancing and before you know it. it'll be pre-dinner cocktails!

Mike and Loraine, Mum and Dad, Nana and Pop.

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crossing the pond

Running out of hot weather...

Hi All, we didn't see the race (hope someone has it recorded - Keith had a power cut!) but no matter LEWIS HAMILTON WON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Well, actually he came in 5th, but he won the overall world championship so it all good.
Sorry not been in touch for a couple of days - been busy. We had a show the other night but didn't see it because loads of people were standing in the theatre aisles and blocked our view. We complained but it fell on deaf ears, so that's something I'll deal with when I get back home! Played the captain and the cruise director at shuffleboard yesterday (pasengers versus crew), but my partner presumably decided it would be diplomatic to let them win and managed to score minus 20 in one go! So our turn was somewhat short-lived. Blow me if the same thing didn't happen today too in the first round of the daily competition. I obviously am not meant to win anything this trip!
We had a comedian on last night who was brilliant - I'll tell you more when I get home. The woman next to me decided to leave just before the comedian had finished because she wanted to get to the jazz event at the other end of the ship. We were in the front row and as soon as she got up I thought she had made a big mistake - I was right! The comedian chased after her up the stairs and gave her some real stick for leaving early!
Swam in the pool at the stern yesterday (we hadn't been in that pool before) but the it looks like the sunbathing weather is behind us now and it's slowly getting colder so we'll have to swim in the covered pool now (it a pool area with a sliding roof, like the millennium stadium at cardiff, but slightly smaller!). Trying to eat a bit less now because the clothes are getting tighter. It the black and white ball this evening, so all dressed up again. I got a sparkly bow tie on board, so I'll see how that looks tonight - it's a ready tied one and it goes against the grain a bit, but it's the only sort you seem to be able to buy, so no matter.
We have had interesting lectures on Frank Sinatra and the Mafia connection, Marilyn Monroe and various ship building/sailing subjects, so learning lots too.
Dancing yesterday was Samba and before that was Salsa and Marenge (not sure of the spelling). Today we improved on the cha cha cha we learnt earlier, but it getting technical now with hips and stuff. Loraine and I have a private Waltz lesson tomorrow - so hopefully we'll learn some new moves! Danielle, Keith and Becky would love the dancing and the teachers - an Aussie pair who are great fun. They are doing a dance demo tonight, so we look forward to that. They are friends with James and Ola Jordan, and Brendan Cole from 'Strictly'.
Well, it's 5.30 now and I have a Gibson waiting for me in the cocktail bar at 6, so I had better get going. At least the bow tie doesn't need tying tonight, so that'll save about 20 minutes!
See you soon,
Mike & Loraine (AKA Mum & Dad or Nana & Pop)

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Heading back to Madeira

At Sea again

well. we had a brilliant day in Barbados. Didn't see much of the place as we spent the whole day on a catamaran. We swam with the giant turtles and then we snorkelled over a 'wreck' and saw loads of fish and other marine life. Great fun. We anchored in a small bay for lunch and we had the opportunity to swim to the beach (water was about 12 feet deep where we anchored) so Mandy and I took Mum into the water and I towed her to the beach. Len wasn't too impressed, but he'll get over it! Loraine did get into the water too, but she panicked so much we didn't leave the boat, so she had to stay on board in the end - but at least she tried.
I bought a bottle of rum in St Ktts, but it won't make it back to the UK, so I bought 5 more in Dominica!!! (They're only small ones though.)
We have just come from our dancing lesson this morning - quickstep, so we didn't learn anything - but it was fun just the same. Tonight is a James Bond theme night, so it's tuxedo time again. As in all bond movies I daresay I shall end up in bed with some gorgeous woman at the end of the evening!!! (Loraine will of course be the gorgeous woman!). Gonna try and keep up with the F1 grand prix today and tomorrow, but we can only access info on the web, so it's not going to be easy - Keith, you had better have the sky+ set to record! Anyway, whether we get to see it or not we wish Lewis Hamilton and McLaren the best of luck. See you tomorrow. M&L

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The Islands........

Busy days (and nights!).


Hi all,,
great to see some others have joined in the blogging business - I think Richard was getting lonely!!
Sorry not to have blogged for a few days, but we have been busy trying to fit everything in. We go ashore in the mornings, then there's the swimming, afternoon tea, sailaway drinks, pre-dinner cocktails, dinner, show, competitions, dancing and quizzes before retiring with a large drink and getting some sleep before we start again - Phew!!!
Anyway we did a brilliant catamaran trip in Antigua, with a nice cruise, a bit of snorkelling on a coral reef, lunch on board, visit to a beach and back to the ship. The trip was nice, snorkelling was even nicer, the luch was OK and so was the beach, but guess what- we had free booze all day!!!!!!!!!!! I was well puggled by the time we got back to the ship! We started out with rum punch and then progressed onto rum punch without the punch - just the rum and the ice!!
Next was Tortola where we went on another catamaran trip, but this time with fewer drinks! We did a bit of a cruise around the island and then came home on a 'bus'. The buses are like small American trucks with 5 rows of seats and a canopy on the back - quite fun. But the best bit was the roads - steep and twisty is the understatement of the year!! Some of the corners are at about 45 degrees on the inside of the radius - no wonder all the buses have big engines!! Good fun though - we have some more to tell on that one when we see you - Ask about the Bomba Shack!
Then came St. Kitts - very friendly touristy island. Our bus driver on this one was - wait for it................WINSTON!!! Winston took us from the ship to the scenic train, which is a special tourist train that runs on what used to be the sugar cane cargo railway. The train has airconditioned carriages with an open air roof area. most people sat in the roof deck where you get the best views. The train goes for ages and there were free drinks (but in moderation!) and goes around the island for about 3/4 of the way. When the train pulled in I could hear the music playing - 'Oh Holy Child' and i thought I was hearing things, but no, we got Christmas carols all the way!! A really pleasant trip though and very relaxing after the hectic life on the ship!
St. Lucia was yesterday and we had Tea (in the morning) on the Morne. The Morne is a hill and we visited an old colonial house for a quick tour and than had tea on the veranda with spectacular views of the town and harbour. In the afternoon Mandy and I decided to visit the town and in the process we ended up at the Catholic Catherdal (Basilica). We have a brilliant souvenir from there - ask me about it when you see me - it's a great story! We are keeping the blogs a little shorter now because a) we are pushed for time, and b) this system is really slow and it's running away with our time and money (40 quid so far!!). Also we can tell you the stories in person - give you something to look forward to (Richard).
We are currently docked in Roseau, Dominica and are going to be off shortly 'River Tubing'. We'll let you know whether we survive! Tomorrow is Barbados and we have another catamaran/snorkelling/unlimited booze trip, so I may not be able to blog until a day or so later!!
Love from us all,
Mike, Loraine, Mandy Jo and Len.

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